I don’t understand why I’m not sick of hearing this band on my radio. Actually, I do. It’s because I seldom listen to the radio, and because this band is not being played on my radio. Why? That I really don’t know.

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It’s truly a shame that J Minus, a fantastic alternative rock band from Washington, comprised of Dylan Fant, Trevor Wheetman, Chris Mongillo and Myer Harrell, has not blown up bigger. Their songs — a call-back to 90s rock from bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket, Gin Blossoms and the like — are all catchy and toe-tapping awesomeness wrapped in a melodic tortilla of guitars and vocals.

J Minus has four full-length albums available now:



Sun & Moon (2006) – With a whopping 28 tracks! Includes the popular tracks A Mile Away, After Midnight, and Contagious.





Mr. Robotron on the Byway (2009) – includes “Someone for Everyone”





Devil Music (2010) – includes “Congratulations, You Suck.”




Memories (2013)

And as you can see from this post, there’s no shortage of fun music videos available!

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