It’s really amazing to consider just how much the acts of creating and enjoying works of art are ingrained in humanity. It’s hard to look anywhere — at anything — and not see some form of artistic expression – even if it’s just the personal flair someone puts on an otherwise standard, banal thing.
by David Walker, Aubervilliers, France

by David Walker, Aubervilliers, France is a fantastically wonderful place to see all variety of such expression in its raw form. This is artistic display at its simplest. The artists do this work because it fulfills some need inside them, not for money, and sometimes even in total anonymity.

The site is run by Vidar Egnér, and features tons of stunning photographs of street art of all sorts from around the world. There are some really tremendous works captured here and it’s a nice reminder to look up from our screens every once in a while to appreciate the beauty of the world around us, both natural and man-made. Come on, people, we live in a giant museum that we can touch and interact with!

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And that’s very cool.

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About Author: Jeremy Kerns
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