Discover Works Similar To The Ones You Already Love

There’s a ton of awesome media available on the Internet with more being created everyday by countless amazing, creative and hard-working people. With so many options, finding your next thing to love can be difficult. Our goal at HipstrStash is to be a crowd-sourced catalog of Internet media and to help facilitate the discovery of those particular things that will be of interest to YOU, based on the types of things you already know and love.

We have a soft spot in our hearts for independent creative works and we want to help clear the path between audience and creator so you can find each other much more easily. To do this, we’re encouraging everyone to suggest material to be added along with important metadata such as categories and tags to help us identify and link similar things together.

Please explore the site and find something new to love today. And while you’re here, please consider submitting something you already love so that we can share it with others!



HipstrStash is a product of TIMID Studios. You can find more of Jeremy Kerns‘ work there, including his comics and stories. And also at Mellow Migrations.

About Author: Jeremy Kerns
Jeremy Kerns is the mastermind behind TIMID Studios, Mellow Migrations, HipstrStash and others. He writes, makes films, draws comics and searches the world for dead pixels to prove the simulation theory. You can also find his creations on Etsy at and Redbubble at