About the Hipstrs

At HipstrStash, we love ideas, creativity and entertainment. We love stories and art and all things personal expression. And we love independent creators.

We believe the future that the internet platform can provide is one filled with interesting and unique creations, some for niche interests and others for general audiences. From individuals and small creative teams, as well as the traditional systems of media. But those individuals need more help in getting their work to the intended audiences’ attention.

To that end, HipstrStash is dedicated to spotlighting, reviewing and recommending those interesting works by independent creators. We hope you’ll help us out in this endeavor by loving these works as much as we do, and pointing us in the direction of the things you love.

HipstrStash is a product of TIMID Studios. You can find more of Jeremy Kerns‘ work there, including his comics and stories. And also at Mellow Migrations.