Comic: Dinnersaurus Rex

Dinnersaurus Rex Page 1

Anyone who has ever played charades knows that it’s not easy to convey a small amount of information, let alone tell an actual story, without using words. Even Fantasia and the Roadrunner cartoons had music and sound effects to accompany the visuals.

Dinnersaurus Rex by Emily SoBut artist Emily So has done just that with her beautiful and charming webcomic Dinnersaurus Rex. The premise seems simple enough: a mother dinosaur has gone out to catch food (actually catch, with a fishing pole) and left her two young and hungry children at home. One (we’ll call him/her Crazy Eyes [edit: apparently the correct name is Baby Dino) manages to get outside despite his/her sibling’s best efforts to prevent it. Once outside, well… why am I ruining a wonderful reading experience for you by describing it?

Go read it and let your eyes bathe in syrupy sweet cuteness mixed with Tex Avery-esque action and keep a jar nearby to catch your melting heart.

Also, be sure to check out Emily’s website for more of her fantastic art and, if you’re in the market, hire her to do some art magic for you.

Author: Jeremy Kerns

3 thoughts on “Comic: Dinnersaurus Rex

    1. Oh, wow, that is SO awesome! Thank YOU!! And I know you’re only half-way through this current project, but don’t forget to let us know what you’re doing next! (But don’t rush, Dinnersaurus is seriously great).

      1. 🙂

        Right now the plan is to do some Dinnersaurus every single week for the foreseeable future. I have about 6 “volumes”/stories planned out, each ~30 or more pages.

        I greatly appreciate your continued interest and your excitement!

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