Regret Labs

I have a confession to make: in school, I was not very interested in science and/or math (I’ll wait for the outraged gentlemen and fainting ladies to recover). But, then, sometime in my 20s, that aspect of my nerd brain rose like Godzilla from the murky depths and I find myself increasingly fascinated in almost all areas of STEM. There’s only one problem: I’m a math and science idiot when it comes to some basic knowledge that I should have really picked up in school. (I’m also just generally an idiot in life, but that’s not germane to the subject here.)

Fortunately for me, I’m not alone. This exact problem (again, the school thing not the idiot thing) is the premise behind Regret Labs, from hosts Aric McKeown and Levi Weinhagen. The notion is simple: each episode (or most episodes? I don’t know, there have only been four so far and two of those were mini episodes about tests that the hosts took), the hosts have a knowledgeable guest help to explain some fairly basic science concepts to them, by way of a casual, funny conversation. And the best part is that the hosts have no pretenses regarding their knowledge in these areas. Like me (and I suspect a number of others), they’re looking to overcome their regret for not paying better attention before and to learn interesting things along the way.

So maybe you need a science refresher, or a full-on education, or you want to laugh at people less intelligent than you, or you just want to hear smart, honest and funny people have a conversation – then this is the podcast for you. Try it, while I work on crafting a clever math pun to wrap up this entry.

Nope, nevermind, I got nothing.

The Stats:
Genre: Math/Science/Education
Average Run Time: In the ballpark of an hour for full episodes
Release Schedule: Kinda monthly?
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