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HabitRPG Screenshot

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Do you have a lot to do? Yes? Then why are you reading this?

No, I’m just kidding, please continue.

But seriously, if you’re anything like me (and if you are, I’m very sorry) there’s a lot of times that it’s not only difficult to keep up with your tasks, but even more difficult to get motivated to work on them. And that’s to say nothing of the new habits you want to develop (or old habits you want to break, even).

Gamification may well be the way of the future and motivating ourselves to acquire habits and complete tasks is one of those areas that can greatly benefit from it. That’s where HabitRPG comes in. You can track activities in three areas: Habits (things you want/need to do on a regular basis, but not necessarily on a set schedule), Dailies (things you want/need to do once a day) and To-Dos (one-off things you want/need to do that you can check off when completed).

Of course, many services (including a sheet of paper) can accomplish the same thing. What sets HabitRPG apart, though, is that you get rewards (or punishment) when you complete things (or don’t). And that allows you to level up your character, or “buy” stuff for your character or give yourself some rewards of your devising.

The entire service is great, and free, and well worth the time to check out. There’s quite a bit of extra detail throughout the site that I haven’t even touched on (like taking part in quests) and, perhaps best of all in my opinion, there’s also an Android app to make checking things off that much easier as soon as you do them.

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