God Peter by Omar Rayyan

Omar Rayyan signatureI like artwork that depicts odd and absurd things, probably for the same reason I prefer genre stories. I don’t just want to see someone’s depiction of this world. I want to visit other worlds, where the rules are different. Also, something may be wrong with my head, but for the purposes of this entry let’s just stick with the prior explanation.

Fortunately for my peculiar tastes, I ‘stumbled’ across the beautiful artwork of Omar Rayyan. One of his pieces, “The Favorite”, was used by io9 as a writing prompt (personal plug: you can read my quick story based on it here). His imagery calls to mind a sense of classical painters, and at a first, brief glance you might think that’s what you’re looking at. But Omar’s works feature bizarre, surreal and fantastic imagery. And they are all rendered in a stunning manner. Some paintings can feature elements that verge on deranged and disturbing. And that makes his art such a blast to admire! He’s like a real life Pickman (Well, actually, let’s hope not).First Visit by Omar Rayyan

To be clear, even though the disturbing images are also incredibly beautiful, not all of his work is disturbing. Lots (most?) of his pieces depict fairy tale or fairy tale-esque imagery and evoke a sense of discovery and wonder. And there’s a lot of content for all you Furries out there as well.

All in all, it’s amazing art and it’s available here for you to admire and own.

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