Baby001 Ep002 by Chris Buxey

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Baby001 is the result of a simple formula: take a static image of mother and father in silhouette, multiply by number of panels and add hilarious dialogue. The result is a charming gag-a-day comic by Chris Buxey.

Baby001 Ep002 by Chris Buxey

Baby001 Ep002 © 2013 Chris Buxey

Comics that are this simple on the surface are not new, but to work they require a deft hand at great comedic writing. Because, at their heart, the images are far less important than the story or joke that is being delivered. And fortunately, Baby001 has lots of heart. That’s clear immediately from Mr. Buxey’s choice for the repeating image. Unlike the rampaging T-Rex of Dinosaur Comics, the serene image of a father kneeling with his ear to the mother’s swollen belly makes reading Baby001 feel as though you are watching a private exchange. A very funny, sometimes nerdy, and oftentimes frank, exchange between two people preparing for a life-altering event.

Baby001 updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And although you don’t NEED to go back through the archive to follow the comic, it’s still in it’s early days and the archive doesn’t take long to run through. Plus, you really OUGHT to back up and enjoy what’s already been done. I literally LOL’d quite a few times. I recommend Ep003 in particular to give you the answer to the burning question of why the comic is called Baby001.

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