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Photograph of Greig JohnsonI never featured creators like Greig Johnson in such general terms before, but this is the new era of HipstrStash so maybe the rules have changed. Or maybe I just can’t commit to any one thing that Mr. Johnson has created because it’s all so good.

I was first exposed to Greig Johnson through his participation in the The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast as a regular reader of weird fiction. But he’s so much more than simply a man who can string words together in an auditory manner (voice actor). He’s a filmmaker, propmaker, writer, musician and actor (per his YouTube About page). A real man of many talents.

You can be entertained for hours by watching the videos of this creative fellow, some of which I will embed in this post for you. I’d like to be able to narrow down the subject of this post, but honestly that feels like I’d be doing a disservice.


So, please, take a look at what Greig Johnson has to offer. You can also find him at the following places:









Here’s a Lovecraft-inspired short film from Greig Johnson and Chris Lackey

A bit of analog-inspired video craziness

A look at Greig Johnson’s prowess as a maker

Author: Jeremy Kerns

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